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Zoom Scheduler makes creating Zoom meetings in your Google Calendar seamless.  Once you install the Chrome extension, Steps 1 & 2 below), you will not have to do it again.  Thereafter, you can make any appointment a Zoom meeting. 

Step-by-Step Directions 

    First, make sure you’re using the Chrome browser.

    In google search for “Zoom Scheduler” or click on this link.
    Click on the Add to Chrome button.
    Click Add extension in the pop-up window. 

    Open your Google Calendar. 

    Click on the day and time for which you want to schedule a Zoom Meeting (just as you would to put any other meeting in your calendar). 
    You will be asked to log into Zoom -- click on login with google.

    Refine your appointment as needed (appointment name, time and date). 

    → TIP: You may want to be specific to the class, and leave time in between meetings in case one runs over or students try to get in early.
    Click on the blue button in the bottom right, Make it a Zoom meeting

    Click on the meeting block in google Calendar. The appointment details window will pop up. 

    Copy the Join Zoom Meeting link.  
    Share this with your students / participants.
    → TIP: Send the link to all your students in the class using TAC.  (Tip sheet here.)
    Click on that same link in your calendar appointment to start hosting the meeting (a few minutes early, if possible). 

    If there are any questions or issues please contact IT Services